Entry #6


2016-06-02 04:33:45 by XiruX

 How's it going?

I'm XIRUX, an independent artist.

I wanted to pass by and say that I'm going to start uploading my songs to newgrounds again because I consider it... a good place to do so.

I've used newgrounds before and if you look at the dates of my uploads (except for the one I'm here to announce) you'll be able to find out for how long. Haven't been active for a while, yes, but that's why you're reading this post.

02 ステファニーの森 (Forest of Estefanía)

That is the link to my most recent upload to newgrounds. It would be great if you guys listened to it and let me know what you thought!

If you really like it, you could always visit my SoundCloud page (SoundCloud.com/XIRUXofficial) and give me a couple of plays, likes and comments to let me know what you thought. It will be very appreciated.

Thank you for your attention! C U Soon


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